Customer Onboarding

Team services and training.

Our Onboarding Team is committed to ensuring your smooth integration of your new BEV into your fleet. They offer training and a ride-along experience for drivers, a vehicle overview for technicians and first responders, and a charging demonstration.

We’re ready to address any questions you may have to ensure you can start utilizing your electric vehicle right away.


Now that the EV Site has been constructed, it is crucial to verify that everything functions as planned. This includes commissioning and testing the Charging EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) before deploying vehicles, providing guidance on utilizing OCC and remote monitoring, as well as instructions on using scheduled charging features if supported by your EVS.


Your equipment may be prepared, but readiness doesn’t extend automatically to your team. We’ll be on-site to train your crew in driver training, charging operation, technician training (maintenance and inspection), storage best practices, towing, first responder training, OnCommand® Connection, and any relevant charging software.

Connected Vehicle

OnCommand Connection is crucial for businesses, particularly those with electric vehicles, offering essential capabilities like monitoring vehicle location, charge status, and maintenance schedules. This tool is invaluable for back-office operations.


Once your charging infrastructure is operational, we’ll follow up regularly to ensure smooth operation. Feel free to reach out with any questions about the vehicle or charging setup.

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