Idealease IdealNet

24/7 Roadside Assistance Service.

When an emergency happens, HOLT Truck Centers and Idealease are committed to getting your driver and your truck back on the road as quickly as possible. Call 1-800-IDLEASE (800-435-3273) to report a breakdown or request roadside assistance. 

To report a breakdown or request roadside assistance:

Call 1-800-IDLEASE (800-435-3273)

Drivers should have the following information ready for the Idealnet representative:

  • Name/Phone Number
  • Idealease Unit #
  • Last 8 digits of the Truck VIN Number and Trailer Number
  • Company Name
  • Location you Rent/Lease from 
  • Truck Mileage
  • Load Details (if loaded)
  • Most accurate Location information
  • Symptoms/Dashlights/Sounds you are experiencing

The Commercial Truck Industry’s Leading 24/7 Roadside Assistance Service

Focused on the success of our customers

How do you keep your drivers and their vehicles safe on the road? Trust Idealnet.

We are proud to support our customers with Idealnet, the commercial truck industry’s premier emergency and roadside assistance service from Idealease.

Idealease is focused on the success of our customers, and that means your drivers’ well-being and their loads are very important to us. When an emergency happens, we are dedicated to getting your driver and their truck back on the road as quickly as possible—so you can meet YOUR deadlines and keep your business running smoothly. Idealnet is one of the most valuable services we provide to our customers.

Idealnet Benefits

  • Customer Support Center staffed with trained Idealease employees
  • Idealnet “live voice” response—no waiting for phone prompts
  • Improved driver and vehicle uptime
  • Call recording, reporting and on-going communication
  • Multi-language capabilities
  • Custom technology

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