Creating your electric roadmap.

Switching to electric vehicles isn’t just about plugging in. To maximize benefits and ensure a smooth experience, you need a customized plan.

Our discovery workshops help create an EV Roadmap, identifying your goals and the steps to achieve them. We’ll guide you through the entire process!

Strategy & Scalability

The initial step in any evaluation involves examining the current fleet’s routes, range requirements, duty cycles, payload needs, and potential future growth. This helps estimate the necessary electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. Next, we analyze local utility rates and provide a cost-benefit analysis to determine the best way to electrify your fleet. Some routes may not be suitable for electric vehicles, while others could be adjusted to improve efficiency and support electrification. This process will ultimately offer a solid financial framework to guide your vehicle and charging infrastructure decisions.

Site Selection & Assessment

The choice of a charging location plays a crucial role in the potential effectiveness of the charging infrastructure. To ensure an optimal site, we will conduct thorough due diligence, including research on zoning regulations, power capacity, available space, and existing power sources. These site parameters will be meticulously determined and documented to aid in efficient site planning.

Infrastructure Concept Development

With the site parameters established, we can now determine the type and capacity of the charging equipment needed. This evaluation considers the number of vehicles per charging station, the required charger output, and anticipated future fleet growth. Our goal is to ensure that your business has the infrastructure to expand seamlessly, providing the foundation for your future growth.

Financing and Grants

Implementing a new charging solution is an investment, not just an expense. This investment in charging infrastructure promises significant returns in the future. Our team will present a range of financing options to support this crucial investment. Additionally, the financial burden doesn’t have to rest entirely on your shoulders. We will assist you in leveraging available federal and state rebates, grants, funding incentives, and tax incentives to make getting plugged in as affordable as possible.

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