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HOLT Truck Centers Idealease is ready to help with all of your truck leasing and rental needs.

Choose Idealease for top-tier national transportation services with 430+ locations in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, and a fleet of 10,000+ commercial vehicles.

Lease a Truck with Idealease

Comprehensive transportation solutions.

HOLT Truck Centers Idealease is a transportation solutions provider specializing in truck leasing and rental services.

We have flexible and comprehensive solutions to businesses and individuals in need of commercial trucks for a wide range of purposes, including box trucks, dump trucks, semis and tractor trailers, and just about any heavy, medium or light duty truck you might need in your fleet.

Advantages of leasing with Idealease

Truck leasing from HOLT Truck Centers Idealease

Full-Service Lease or Full-Service Equity Lease

With a Full-Service Equity Lease, you retain vehicle ownership and benefit from IRS accelerated tax depreciation rules.

Plus, fixed and guaranteed monthly maintenance costs on all predictable maintenance parts and labor, comprehensive preventive maintenance support, and priority service at more than 430 Idealease locations also is included, as well as an Ownership Transition Program.

National Accounts

With the National Accounts program, all Idealease locations work together as ONE to support and maintain your fleet—simplifying commercial truck fleet management, improving vehicle uptime, and reducing fuel costs and driver downtime across all locations.

Dedicated Maintenance Agreements

Simplify fleet vehicle maintenance and improve vehicle uptime of your owned equipment with a dedicated truck maintenance agreement from HOLT Truck Centers Idealease. Pay a fixed, consistent monthly cost for all predictable maintenance including PMs, brake and tire replacements, and component failures.

Mobile Service

With Idealease Mobile Service you can schedule preventive maintenance when your vehicles are not operating at your location.

HOLT Truck Centers Idealease offers:

Truck Leasing:
Long-term leasing options for commercial trucks, allowing businesses to acquire the vehicles they need without the upfront costs associated with purchasing. Leasing offers flexibility, maintenance support, and the ability to upgrade or replace trucks as needed.

Truck Rental:
Short-term truck rental services for businesses that require additional trucks to meet seasonal demands, handle peak periods, or cover unexpected circumstances. Rental options can range from a day to several months, providing flexibility and minimizing downtime.

Maintenance and Repair:
Comprehensive maintenance and repair services for their leased or rented trucks. They have trained technicians and authorized service centers to ensure that the trucks are properly maintained, minimizing disruptions and maximizing operational efficiency.

Fleet Management Solutions:
Fleet management services, including telematics, fuel management, compliance assistance, and other solutions to help businesses optimize their truck fleets, reduce costs, and improve overall performance.

By leveraging Idealease services, you can focus on your core operations while having access to a reliable and well-maintained fleet of trucks to meet your transportation needs.


Rent with HOLT Truck Centers' diverse options.

Need a truck NOW? HOLT Truck Centers offers a variety of rental options for those times when you need an extra vehicle. With rental vehicles from HOLT Truck Centers Idealease, you can handle a short-term peak in your business, or rent extra trucks when your vehicles are in the shop.

Idealease helps you meet your customers’ expectations with the right truck rental for the job—when you need it. We provide flexible rental programs tailored to fit your needs in four locations: Wichita Falls and Tyler in Texas and Tulsa and Oklahoma City in Oklahoma.

We offer a variety of industry-leading International® Trucks available for rent by the day, week, or months at a time, including sleepers, day cabs, flatbeds, and box trucks. We also rent class 4-5 Isuzu diesel trucks, and all are well-maintained, reliable, and clean.

Our rental fleet includes the specifications you need:

  • 16′ & 18’ Lite Duty Van
  • 24′ Flatbed Straight Trucks
  • 24′ Non-CDL Van Straight
  • Trucks
  • 24′ CDL Van Straight Trucks
  • Refrigerated Straight Trucks
  • Single Axle Daycabs
  • Tandem Axle Daycabs
  • Tandem Axle Sleepers
  • 48′ Flatbed Trailer
  • 53′ Dry Van Trailer

Accurate Budgeting for Maintenance Expenses

Idealease manages your vehicle’s maintenance with industry-leading best practices for optimum vehicle uptime. We manage all aspects of preventive and scheduled vehicle maintenance including diagnostic analysis, OEM update and repair campaigns, warranty processing and tire management.

When you rent commercial trucks from HOLT Truck Centers Idealease you get a great truck backed by superior service nationwide.

FSL Ownership Transition Capabilities

Lease or own?

It’s not whether you can own your own commercial trucks. It’s whether you should.

Operating a fleet is getting more challenging and costly every day. Truck leasing from HOLT Truck Centers Idealease can be a better decision for your business.

With a full-service truck lease, your cash flow and uptime improve while transportation costs are more consistent. When you look carefully at the numbers, leasing pulls all six components of truck operations together, including purchase price; financing; maintenance services; peripheral services: washing, rentals, fuel programs; administration: truck licensing and regulatory compliance; and used truck disposal.

For most businesses, leasing is a superior financial and operational alternative.

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