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We want to make buying your next work vehicle easy for you. Our approval process is quick and efficient, and you can finish all the paperwork right here with us.

Financing for Commercial Vehicles

Expert guidance and a variety of financing solutions.

HOLT Truck Centers provides solutions for commercial vehicle financing. With our strong relationships with leading financial service companies, you’ll gain access to top-tier financing options tailored to your needs. Let us help turn your commercial vehicle dreams into reality with expert guidance and a variety of financing solutions.

To find out about flexible solutions to fit your International financing needs, please visit Navistar Financial.

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Financing with HOLT Truck Centers

Simplified Processes

We're committed to making things easy for you!

We strive to simplify your next commercial vehicle purchase. Experience the speed and efficiency of our approval process, with all transactions conveniently completed on-site. Say goodbye to delays caused by waiting for bank funding, as vehicle delivery is expedited. What’s more, financing through HOLT Truck Centers allows you to consolidate your vehicle, preventive maintenance, extended protection plans, and GAP coverage into one easy monthly payment.

To begin the process, simply review our financial privacy policy, download and complete an application, and email us your completed credit application today.

Financing Solutions That Work

Offering financing options that fit your needs.

Fair Market Value Lease (FMV):
Opt for an FMV lease to enjoy predictable, low monthly payments without the obligation to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease term. Instead, you can choose to buy the vehicle at its fair market value or return it hassle-free.

Finance Lease:
Treat your lease like a purchase and show the leased equipment on your balance sheet. Consult with your accountant or tax advisor to understand the accounting and tax implications of TRAC, Split TRAC, and Finance Leases.

Installment Sales Contract:
An installment purchase agreement offers a flexible financing option, allowing buyers to make partial payments over time until the full purchase price is paid.

Parts and Service Financing:
When your commercial truck needs repairs and replacement parts, the idea of covering these costs yourself might be discouraging. We offer a straightforward solution through truck parts and repair financing, helping you get back on the road in no time.

Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause Lease (TRAC):
With a TRAC lease, benefit from a pre-determined residual value and the option to purchase, finance, or return the vehicle at the lease end. Enjoy the freedom of unlimited mileage and a flexible residual amount.

We can also help with GAP insurance so you can protect yourself from financial loss, as well as finance options for extended warranties!

We Specialize in Financing Trucks

Meet our team of expert truck financing specialists.

At HOLT Truck Centers, our on-site finance solutions specialists are here to assist you. With a focus on the trucking industry, our financial sources understand your business and are committed to supporting you, regardless of market conditions.

Contact us to explore financing options for your next truck or commercial vehicle. Let our experienced team guide you towards success in the trucking world. Reach out now and discover a tailored financing solution developed especially for you!


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