CV Series

The International CV Series is a commercial-grade vehicle built for commercial-grade needs. In fact, it’s the only class 4/5 truck designed, distributed, and supported by a manufacturer that specializes in commercial trucks.

As a result, it’s one of the toughest, most capable, most upfit-friendly trucks at the jobsite and is supported by the largest commercial dealer network with the most diesel technicians in the business.

From Start-Up to Scale-Up

A True Commercial Truck.

Not consumer-grade, not built in a factory with pickup trucks. This means a heavy-duty, gear-driven transfer case, a single, high strength frame rail, an available air ride suspension, easy-to-reach maintenance points and a long list of commercial-grade details.

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CV Series Overview

Commercial Grade

When designing the CV Series, International engineers started with a clean sheet of paper and one mission: create one of the toughest, most capable, most upfit-friendly class 4/5 trucks at the jobsite.

It’s not designed for average Joes. It’s not built in a factory that makes pickup trucks.

The CV Series is a true commercial-grade truck, which means a heavy-duty, gear-driven transfer case; a single, high-strength frame rail; an available air ride suspension; easy-to-reach maintenance points, and a long list of commercial-grade details.

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Thanks to a combination of commercial-grade features in a neighborhood-friendly size, the CV Series Series is perfect for a growing landscape company. Whether you need a stake flat, dump, or even a bucket, the CV Series can be tailored to your specific needs.


The CV Series offers an available air ride rear suspension that can help keep things smooth and steady for the occupants inside. Plus, the air suspension allows first responders to adjust the ride height for easy loading and unloading of stretchers.


The CV Series may be smaller than its bigger International® truck siblings, but it packs the same commercial-grade punch. Straight frame rails provide the perfect foundation for adding the equipment needed for just about any utility application.

Recovery & Towing

Whether it’s a roll-back, rotator or wrecker, CV Series recovery and tow vehicles provide the durability, strength, and versatility to get the job done. Thanks to a robust frame and exceptional comfort and convenience features, the CV Series and its crew is ready to go, shift after shift.


Urban deliveries mean crowded streets and tight back alleys. The CV™ Series has the perfect combination of a small footprint with massive payload capacity. This means it can deliver the goods no matter where they are needed. A lot of goods.


The combination of salt, snow, ice, and narrow streets makes snow removal one of the toughest jobs out there. With its commercial-grade build quality and easy-to-handle size, the CV Series can reach practically any snow-clogged streets while holding up to the elements.

International® 6.6 Engine


  • V8 turbocharged diesel engine
  • 700 lb.-ft torque @ 1600rpm
  • Optional engine-mounted air compressor
  • Diesel exhaust brake
  • Remote start with key fob and anti-theft deterrent system
  • Optional 120v/800-watt block heater

CV Series Cab Options

International CV Series models are available in the following cab options:

CV Series Crew Cab

CV Series Day Cab

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