Aquatech® Hydro-Excavators

Rear-Mounted Hose Reel Combination Sewer Cleaner.

Aquatech provides the best combination vacuum jetter technology for municipalities worldwide. Aquatech trucks deliver unsurpassed performance for use in the cleaning of underground piping, catch basins, storm sewers, lift stations, and treatment plants.

The B-Series and Guardian combination sewer cleaners by Aquatech feature a rear-mounted hose reel, providing a safer and more comfortable working environment for operators.

Aquatech B-Series Rear-Mounted Sewer Cleaner

The Aquatech B-Series Rear-mounted Hose Reel Combination Sewer Cleaner is ideal for any size municipality, water and sewer district, or contractor who is cleaning storm drains, catch basins and/or sewers. Excellent for sanitary and storm sewer cleaning, water leak repair and emergency excavation. Also ideal for sewer line bypass for sewer repair/relining/replacement work.

With our rear-mounted sewer cleaners, multiple sizes of debris and water capacities combined with various water and vacuum pump options allow customers to custom fit an Aquatech unit to any application.

Aquatech Guardian Combination Sewer Cleaner

The Guardian Sewer Cleaning Machine is engineered with operator safety and comfort in mind, effectively mitigating noise and weather-related concerns. Its innovative rear-mounted hose reel design effectively dampens noise from chassis engines, meeting stringent OSHA noise regulations.

Featuring a spacious, insulated enclosure, it not only ensures the safe storage of tools and accessories but also shields equipment from the elements. Its cold weather resistance safeguards against water pump freezing, ensuring reliable operation even in harsh environmental conditions.

Aquatech Utility Edition
Sewer-Jet Truck

When our engineers designed the Aquatech Utility Edition, the idea was to create a combination sewer cleaner that provides a powerful, functional and weight conscious unit at an affordable price.

Mounted on a maneuverable tandem axle chassis, the Utility Edition can carry a large payload. The Aquatech Utility Edition is equipped with a rear-mounted hose reel that offers a 180-degree hydraulic articulation providing over 12 feet of reel reach and a virtually unlimited number of work stations. The top loading vacuum boom provides 360-degree rotation for even payload distribution as well as an operator set-up that is both fast and easy.

Creating the quietest work station of any sewer cleaner in the industry, the Aquatech Utility Edition also maximizes efficiency because it is fast and easy to set up, its top loading capacity decreases boom wear, and it offers accessibility to working off the curb.

Aquatech Daylighter Potholing Hydro Excavator

Introducing the potholing hydro excavator with the power and capacity to quickly power through any project. The Daylighter by Aquatech has the power and performance to battle tough jobs without the downtime and wasted time of light-duty catch basin trailers.

The Daylighter is designed to give unsurpassed performance in catch basins and storm sewers when a combination sewer cleaner is not required.

Lower maintenance means higher productivity. Unlike weak hydraulic drives that are easily bogged down or overloaded, the Daylighter features an OMSI heavy-duty transfer case drive that keeps going strong.

Truck-Mounted Water Jetter
(SJR Series)

The SJR Truck-Mounted Water Jetter is economically designed for removing sand, stones, bottles, cans, grease, sludge and other debris from sanitary and storm sewer lines.

Various water pump options allow for customers to custom-fit an Aquatech SJR unit to any requirement. The SJR also offers the most versatile hose reel design in the industry, with 12 feet of hose reel articulation and 180º rotation.

This system’s single engine drive saves fuel, reduces maintenance, noise, and weight, while costing less. The rear-mounted hose reel provides a quiet and safe workspace, easy to place with its 180° movement. The water pump ensures smooth flow for safe cleaning, and the tank holds 1,500 gallons with a lifetime warranty.

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