XL Specialized® Trailers

Superior hauling solutions to fit any application.

Our knowledgeable HOLT Truck Centers sales professionals will find the exact XL Specialized Trailer for your hauling needs. Contact one of our locations for more information.

Highly Engineered & Customized Trailers

Superior hauling solutions to fit any application.

XL Specialized Trailers stands at the forefront as a premier creator and producer of meticulously crafted trailers tailored for diverse needs in heavy haul trucking, construction, agriculture, wind energy, and oil & gas sectors.

Renowned as a pioneer in the heavy haul industry, XL Specialized Trailers sets the standard for excellence.

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America’s Custom Trailer Experts

Commercial Trailers

Heavy haul commercial trailers include low profile single and double drop trailers, extendable, slide axles for towing, step deck, mini-deck, and dolly trailers.

Construction Trailers

XL Specialized construction trailers, including side dump trailers, are designed to haul the latest construction equipment and materials. Construction trailers include mechanical expandable gooseneck trailers, slide axle and multi axle trailers, low profile hydraulic detachable gooseneck (HDG) trailers for pavers.

Wind Energy Trailers

XL Specialized trailer for wind energy accommodate the transport of wind turbines, blades, and towers.

Infrastructure Trailers

Building roads, bridges and railroads requires unique trailers for hauling railroad cargo, large equipment, and fully customizable beam hauling systems.

Oil and Gas Heavy Haul Trailers

For oil and gas hauling, XL Specialized offers options including tail rollers, pick up eyes and pop up rollers.

Agriculture Haul Trailers

The agriculture market has special hauling needs, and XL Specialized trailers are made with options to meet every hauling need.

Custom Trailers

XL Specialized is a true custom trailer manufacturer, with a full portfolio of custom engineered products for hauling any load, including custom flat decks, hydraulic flip boosters, double goosenecks, and other unique hauling solutions. Let us know what you need today.

Financing Solutions that are Right for You!

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XL Specialized Trailer Service

HOLT Truck Centers provides service for any type of XL Specialized trailer–including flat bed, power tail, gooseneck, extendable, lowboy or even dump–we can repair and maintain one unit or your entire fleet to keep you hauling.

  • Brake System Service and Repair
  • Alignment
  • Redecking/Body Repair
  • Tire Replacement and Repair
  • Hydraulic and Air Systems Repairs
  • Suspension Rebuilds and Repair
  • DOT Inspections

Expertly staffed, and backed by superior parts availability, our truck centers stand ready to handle your needs quickly and professionally. Trust HOLT for all your trailer service needs.

XL Specialized Trailer Parts

We stock an extensive parts inventory.

Get the right parts, at the right time, and at the right price. HOLT offers dedicated and experienced parts staff to provide you the quality, value, and 24/7 parts availability you expect.

The Best Warranty in the Industry

XL’s 5-3-1 Warranty Policy.

Unless otherwise specified, XL Specialized Trailers include a 5-year warranty on structure and frame, a 3-year warranty on paint, and a 1-year warranty on parts and components. For specific warranty details, speak with a HOLT representative.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gooseneck trailer?
A gooseneck trailer has a unique shaped neck that overhangs the towing truck, using a ball hitch and creating stability with the weight of the load on the truck.

What is a removable gooseneck (RGN) trailer?
A removeable gooseneck (RGN) trailer is a flat deck trailer to haul large equipment or freight, similar to other trailers, except that the RGN trailer can be detached at the front, creating a ramp to move your load right onto the trailer.

What are single drop and double drop trailers?
A single drop trailer is a flatbed trailer with a stepped down lower deck to accommodate taller loads with a full length trailer.
A double drop trailer has a stepped down lower deck at both ends of the trailer, between both axles to accommodate higher loads.

What is a lowboy trailer?
A lowboy trailer is the same as a double drop trailer.

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