Cat Reman Heavy-Duty Engines

Get like-new quality for less than new cost.

Each Cat Reman Engine repair option is backed by a two-year unlimited mileage warranty that covers all engine components for the entire warranty period, repairs at your local HOLT Truck Centers service location, parts and installation labor, and more.

Effecient & Economical

Overhaul. Upgrade. Repower.

There are plenty of choices for maintaining your Cat heavy-duty on-highway truck engine, but one of the smartest is Cat Reman. Our remanufactured engines and components deliver premium quality at a price you can afford, saving you time and money on repairs and getting you back on the road fast.

HOLT Truck Centers offers two quality options that provide just that: Cat Reman Engines and Cat Reman Engines with new content. Both come fully assembled for a quick repair and can save you thousands in labor, which you can apply to other other overhaul needs.

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CAT Reman Heavy-Duty Engines

Upgrades That You Can Count On

We're committed to making things easy for you!

Go behind the scenes with our expert crew of technicians to learn more about how they keep your trucks running like new. They go the extra mile to provide crucial diagnostic insights and help you determine whether a basic Cat Reman Engine or one with new content is right for your needs.

Cat Reman Engine vs. Cat Reman Engine With New Content

CAT Reman Engine

  • Comes fully assembled with adherence to product engineering standards
  • Contains everything needed for a fast, efficient overhaul
  • Includes components like electronic control modules (ECM), engine wiring harnesses and sensor sets, and a complete set of oil and fuel lines
  • Serviced and tested to ensure it meets original performance specifications

CAT Reman Engine With New Content

  • Provides 100% new cylinder blocks, crankshafts, and cylinder heads
  • Ideal for upgrading from older, 3406B higher-emitting models to newer, lower-emitting models
  • Restarts the lifecycle of your engine with future overhauls built in
  • Repowers your truck with the Cat engine’s exceptional core leniency

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