XL Specialized Oil and Gas Trailers
XL Mechanical Gooseneck
The XL Mechanical Gooseneck is a heavy haul trailer specifically designed to easily haul taller equipment.
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XL Step Deck Extendable
The XL Step Deck Extendable features the patented XL Extend-A-Trac, an XL custom-engineered design, which allows for extending and retracting the trailer without hooking and unhooking air and electrical lines. An innovative take on a classic trailer, the lowboy XL Step Deck Extendableis sure to exceed expectations.
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XL Hydraulic Scraper (Low-Profile) Gooseneck
The XL Hydraulic Scraper (Low-Profile) Gooseneck’s immense popularity has proved its versatility and effectiveness. Designed to handle the new, heavier construction equipment, the XL Hydraulic Scraper Gooseneck Lowboy is sure to handle your construction hauling needs.
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XL Oilfield Folding Gooseneck
The XL FG Oil Field Spec is uniquely designed for transporting heavy equipment in the oil field. The folding gooseneck offers the proven benefit of the XL ramp combined with all the advantages modifications tomake the FG the ideal specialized hauling solution for the Oil and Gas market.
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XL Folding Gooseneck Extendable
The XL Folding Gooseneck Extendable for the Oil and Gas market combines the convenience of heavy-duty hydraulic ramps for hauling heavy equipment, with the versatility of the Extend-A-Trac for hauling extra long materials.
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XL Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck
Are you facing the ongoing challenge presented by construction equipmentgetting bigger, heavier and more varied? The XL Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck Lowboy Trailer is built distinctively to handle the heaviest construction equipment with ease.
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XL Hydraulic Folding Gooseneck: Pipeline Special
The XL Hydraulic Folding Gooseneck: Pipeline Special is engineered to handle demanding off road applications. Heavy-duty in every aspect, thisheavy duty trailer is sure to meet your oil and gas hauling needs for years.
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XL Hydraulic Detachable Extendable
The XL Hydraulic Detachable Extendable features two market leading, innovative XL features engineered for extremely efficient set-up; the patented XL Extend-A-Trac and the XL Cheater Neck. This combination takes the hassle out of preparing the trailer for travel.
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XL Rigid Gooseneck
The XL Rigid Gooseneck Oil and Gas Field Spec is built to last, with quality manufacturing and engineering. Put the rugged XL Rigid Gooseneck heavy duty trailer to the test and you will see it withstands harsh usage.
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XL Flat Deck Oil Float
The XL Oil Field Float is a flat deck trailer with many upgrades for usein the oil field. The addition of rollers, combined with the XL qualityheavy-duty build, the XL Oil Float trailer will serve you for years.
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