Values-Based Leadership
Peter Holt, Holt Cat.
Fourth-generation family leader Peter M. Holt introduced the successful Values-Based Leadership process at HOLT CAT®

The Values-Based Leadership process seeks to connect employees, customers, shareholders and all stakeholders in a circle of involvement so that the activities of one group directly benefit the others, with employees being the initial focus. This system of business management has been shown to have a long-term, positive effect on organizational results.

The process was originally developed as “Managing By Values” by noted process consultants Dr. Michael O’Connor, co-author of People Smart, and Dr. Kenneth Blanchard, co-author of the One Minute Manager series of books.

The process defines success in terms of managing by a set of ethical values. This is in contrast to the trend in American business where success is often defined by sheer size with an emphasis on short-term financial results.

The Values-Based Leadership process derives from the belief that a whole community – employees, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders – will benefit in a very real way from association with a company committed to managing by such a values process.


HOLT CAT's values based operating philosophy is governed by our company's Mission, Vision and Core Business Values. These three elements provide each of our associates - from top managers to the newest employee - with guidelines for making daily decisions in their job.

In simple terms, the Mission captures "what" we do as a company. Our Vision provides an evergreen, ongoing purpose for completing the mission. Perhaps most important, our core values describe "how" we treat one another and customers, as we do business. In many ways, the teaching, use and positive reinforcement of values based decision making and behaviors is what truly differentiates HOLT CAT.

We've learned that the best way to ensure consistency, commitment and ongoing alignment with our Mission, Vision and Values, is to make sure that we continually teach, talk about and reward values based behavior within our organization.


We manage by our business values to provide a safe, productive, fulfilling work environment for employees, legendary service for customers, enhanced value for our shareholders, and mutually beneficial outcomes for all stakeholders.

We are committed to stability and effective strategic growth.

We are recognized for leadership in our industries and by those we serve.


We are a successful company which provides superior products and services that satisfy customer needs.

We will maintain a high level of ethics, teamwork and professionalism, while demonstrating a caring attitude toward employees and customers.


"By doing the right thing"

  • Being Honest
  • Showing Integrity
  • Being Consistent
  • Providing Fair Treatment

"By consistently achieving targeted goals"

  • Achieving Established Goals and Objectives
  • Demonstrating Competence
  • Recognizing the Achievements of All

"By continually getting better"

  • Exceeding Established Goals and Objectives
  • Developing Superior Skills and Abilities

"By being here to stay"

  • Demonstrating a Caring Attitude
  • Being Loyal
  • Sharing a Mutual Desire to Succeed
  • Acknowledging Our Previous Accomplishments

"By pursuing strategic opportunities"

  • Being Creative
  • Initiating Change



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